Guided walks of Deptford Creek


A walk up the Creek is a unique and fascinating experience. At high tide up to 7 metres of water floods the Creek; as the tide retreats London’s “Grand Canyon” is revealed and the walks are led along this gorge on the stony river bottom. Deptford Creek is one of the capital’s unexpected and hidden green gems – providing an unmatched opportunity for adventure and discovery not found elsewhere in London and a haven for hundreds of fresh and saltwater plants and animals. It is one of London’s most historic waterways, where the past flows into the present. Discoverers are supplied with thigh length waders and sticks to help keep balance and are guided by people passionate about the Creek and its history and wildlife.

Walks last about two and a half hours from booting up to returning to the streets of London. Booking is essential to guarantee a place, so contact the Creekside Centre to book a place.

Dates and Times:

Sunday 11th August 11.00am
Saturday 14th September 2.00pm
Sunday 13th October 2.00pm
Sunday 10th November 11.00am
Sunday 8th December 11.00am


Adults £10.00
Children (8 to 16) and Concessions £8.50
Family of 2 Adults 2 Children £28.00