Museum of London Guided Walk 21st March 11am – 12pm

Spoken-word artist Germander Speedwell marks World Poetry Day by leading a wordy wander around the docks, spotting nautical curiosities and performing en route her factual but fun pieces about the Thames and its dockyards. From ship names and shellfish to curious cargoes and strange occupations, Germander will explain many of the interesting examples of nomenclature and terminology she has found in the Museum of Docklands and elsewhere, and point out examples and evidence along the way. Germander Speedwell collects words and terminology on overlooked or unexpected subjects, and crafts these into spoken word pieces, in combinations that are packed with plosives, littered with alliteration, riddled with rhythm and resound with assonance. Her favourite subject areas are place names, natural history and nautical subjects, and she has researched and written many pieces about the Thames and Thames Estuary.

Booking & Costs

This event costs £5 and is bookable in advance. Please contact the Museum of London directly to book a ticket.