Free London Archaeology Lectures

As part of the Mondays at One Autumn Series for Gresham College, there will be four FREE lectures, on aspects of London’s archaeology, held at the Museum of London during October 2014.

6th October

Pompeii of the North by Sadie Watson

The most extensive excavation within the City of London for 20 years revealed internationally significant evidence providing a detailed narrative for the early Roman period. Waterlogged sediments preserved structures perfectly and the assemblage of artefacts is the largest ever recovered from Roman London. This lecture will outline the discoveries, and show how they can revolutionise our knowledge of life in the Roman town.

13th October

London in the not-so-Dark Ages by Lyn Blackmore

An overview of the results of over 40 years of archaeological research into the origins, development and decline of the Middle Saxon trading settlement of Lundenwic, London.

20th October

Vanishing archaeology: discoveries on the Thames foreshore at Greenwich by Nathalie Cohen

Nearly 20 years of archaeological investigation of the Thames intertidal zone at Greenwich, mostly undertaken by volunteer teams, have revealed a multi-period site, representing activity in the area from the Mesolithic period to the modern day.

27th October

The archaeology of St Paul’s Cathedral by John Schofield

Recent work has brought together what we know of the Anglo-Saxon and medieval cathedrals beneath and around Wren’s St Paul’s, the City of London’s most important historic building and monument. Now the little-known medieval cathedral, destroyed in the Great Fire of 1666, can be revealed as of European importance. It dominated the City and should be compared with other cathedrals – Ely, Norwich and Winchester.

Further information

You do not need to register for these FREE public events. They will be run on a “first come, first served” basis, so please feel free to arrive a little early to ensure that you can get a seat. Doors will be opened half an hour before the start of the event.