Royal River

Celebrating Her Majesty the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and the National Maritime Museum’s 75th anniversary, Royal River explores the relationship between the monarch, the City and the people, as it was brought to life on the Thames – London’s greatest thoroughfare. Discover more about this special history through this series of related lectures.

31st May: The Tudors in Greenwich
Author, journalist and historian Dr Graham Phillips will set out the importance of the Tudors in Greenwich, and explore why Greenwich was a favourite destination of the Tudor royal family.

7th June: East of the Tower of London
Tom Wareham, historian, writer, sailor and Curator of Community and Maritime History at the Museum of London, will be talking about the riverside east of the Tower of London, and the development of the dock systems there.

14th June: The Lady Elizabeth: The Virgin Queen’s Perilous Path to the Throne
Historian Alison Weir recounts the early life of Henry VIII’s celebrated daughter, Elizabeth, who would grow up to become one of England’s greatest monarchs. Power-driven politics, a disputed succession, and the grievous example of her sister, ‘Bloody’ Queen Mary, all cemented Elizabeth’s resolve in matters of statecraft and love, and set the stage for her transformation into the iconic Virgin Queen.

21st June: The Old and New Life of the London Thames
Professor Sarah Palmer, University of Greenwich, will be talking about the changing ways in which the Thames has been used, circa 1800–2010.

Further information

All lectures begin at 11.00am and are held in the Ground Floor Lecture Theatre at the National Maritime Museum. To book, please visit the museum’s website or phone 020 8312 6608.