The Rime of the Modern Mariner is a new artist documentary that explores the culture, community and folklore of the London Docks.

Directed by journalist Mark Donne and narrated by musician Carl Barat (The Libertines, Dirty Pretty Things), the film’s unfurling narrative reveals the decaying architecture, music, and native languages that remain etched in the masonry and bloodstream of this unique quarter.

For hundreds of years the London Docks were the watery capital of a maritime nation and the largest port on earth – when they were closed in the late 1960’s, and an entire way of life was sucked into a vacuum. Amazingly, a handful of Dockers, and a residue of those who sailed to the seven seas from London can still be found, huddled in dilapidated social clubs and the only remaining seaman’s mission, recounting a catalogue of extraordinary memories. The film is set to an atmospheric score which samples bell ringing from East London dockside churches and field recordings including a creaking hull, hammering cargos and engine room rhythms from a container ship voyage.

The screening will be held in the unique setting of St Anne’s Church in Limehouse, and will include a live performance of the dramatic score by composer Anthony Rossomando and ensemble including Rose Elinor Dougall and some very special guests

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