Dirty nails and what you can learn from them

Dating ancient and historic ships, boats, barges, reused nautical timbers and shipyard debris

Dr Damian Goodburn is the Ancient Woodwork Specialist for the Museum of London and associate of the Ancient Materials, Technology and Conservation Co – op. He will present a seminar on ship and boat fastenings, using replica and original short sections of boats of different periods (Bronze Age, Medieval, C19th etc) with authentic fastenings in them. This is a exceptional opportunity to examine objects frequently found on the foreshore.

This event will be held at the London Archaeological Archive and Research Centre (LAARC) from 6pm to 8pm on Monday 18th May 2009.

Places are limited

Please email the team here to confirm that you wish to attend the event.

How to get there

The address is:
Mortimer Wheeler House
46 Eagle Wharf Road
London N1 7ED

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