What Archaeologists Should Know

Archaeologists spend their careers digging soils and sediment. Few know anything about the material they dig through, yet this material can provide histories and critical information about past activities and lives. This course will introduce students to the theory, but will concentrate on practical skills of recording and interpretation.


A number of indicators will be pointed out which provide clues to human activity. This information will start to show students how to ‘read’ soils and sediments and determine changes in sequences that are a result of human activity. Such skills are useful on every archaeological excavation. A number of real soil and sediment profiles will be available to study and students will describe, interpret and sample these and will be shown how to provide outline reports. Students will learn about soil textures, recording munsell colours, examining soil structure and interpreting these elements.

10am – 4pm
19th May 2012
£35, No concessions
University of Sussex, Falmer

Enrol directly with CCE. Complete the enrolment form and post, or telephone 01273 678527.