Woodlands, Trees, and Timber in the Anglo-Saxon World

13th – 15th November, 2009

An interdisciplinary conference hosted by the UCL Institute of Archaeology and the UCL Department of English Language and Literature.


The UCL Institute of Archaeology, University College London

Keynote speakers:

  • John Blair
  • Oliver Rackham

Tour on Friday 13th November

A guided tour of the Museum of London stores and new Medieval Gallery by Dr Damian Goodburn.

Panels: 14-15 November

John Baker: Trees and Woodland in the Anglo-Saxon Landscape

Sarah Semple: Gardens of the Gods: plants, trees and groves in the pre-Christian landscape

Jane Sidell: (title tbc)

Gustav Milne, Andrew Reynolds: Wood and Timber in Anglo-Saxon Material Culture

Martin Comey: The wooden drinking vessels in the Sutton Hoo ship burial: materials, morphology and usage

Richard Darrah:From tool marks to tree rings: the archaeological evidence for timber use in Anglo-Saxon England

Damian Goodburn: Defining the key characteristics of the work of Anglo-Saxon woodworkers or ‘treewrights

Carole Morris: (title tbc)

Richard North: Trees and Woodland in Anglo-Saxon Religion, Art, and Literature

Mike Bintley: The south Sandbach Cross ‘Ancestors of Christ’ panel in its cultural contexts

Clive Tolley: What is a ‘World Tree, and why should we expect to find one in Anglo-Saxon England?

Eric Fernie: Timber Buildings in the Anglo-Saxon World

Mark Gardiner: Wrought by human hand: the employment and image of timber in late-Saxon buildings

Michael Shapland: The great stone divide: timber as the secular building material of Anglo-Saxon society


Booking costs £25. Please email UCL Woodlands