What is the FROG?

The FROG is the Foreshore Recording & Observation Group. It is is made up of 400+ volunteers who have been fully trained in foreshore recording techniques and health & safety and have been certificated by the TDP. The FROG members work with the TDP archaeologists to record the archaeology of the foreshore during the summer season fieldwork, assist with training sessions for new members, participate in outreach events, and monitor the archaeology of the key sites of archaeological interest, found on the Thames foreshore. We hope that the FROG community continue to take responsibility for monitoring these key sites and other areas with archaeological remains on the foreshore for many years to come!

Find Out More

If you are interested in joining the FROG, information about future training events, and other activities, will be posted on our News and Events page.. You can also search the FROG Blog archives for information about specific sites, and check the Links and Discover pages of our website for more online information about London, archaeology and the river.

Health and Safety

Please be aware that our foreshore visits are subject to the cycles of the moon, the tide timetable and the British weather, so work may, at times, be early in the morning and at weekends, or cancelled at short notice. Some of the foreshore sites are only exposed at certain times of the year with very low tides. Rainfall affects the tide levels on the Thames, and heavy rain in the areas along the source or tributaries of the Thames in other parts of the country will affect the Thames in London. We have very strict Health and Safety requirements, and all FROG group members are covered by Museum of London Archaeology insurance during their FROG visits – this will not be the case if you “go it alone“. You can find out more about foreshore Health and Safety essentials on the foreshore safety page.

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