A New Mystery?

It’s been a while since the TDP visited the foreshore at Chelsea so this morning we took advantage of a very good low tide to go and have at look at how the site is faring. This site preserves the remains of activity dating to the Neolithic and Anglo-Saxon periods, in the form of peat deposits which contain a range of prehistoric artefacts and two mid-Saxon fishtraps. Of particular interest are the human remains which have been recovered from the peats, including part of a Bronze Age skull (now on display in the Museum of London), and three femurs (leg bones).

So it was with some excitement that we approached the site today – you never know what might appear here! While we were disappointed in our aim of finding and recording any further artefactual evidence, due to the large amount of mud which had accumulated across the site, we did however note a possible timber structure emerging from the edge of the eroding peat deposits at low water – something we will definitely be investigating further…..