At the Foreshore Forum 2017, Jane Sidell, Inspector of Ancient Monuments for London with Historic England presented our inaugural FROG Awards.

Nearly 700 people have completed Thames Discovery Programme Foreshore Recording and Observation Group (FROG) Training. They volunteer to explore and record the foreshore across dozens of sites and events, come rain, shine, mud and heatwaves, finding everything from Tudor jetties, prehistoric baskets and rude artefacts!

The FROG Awards celebrate some of the fantastic achievements and hard work everyone has put into the FROG programme, without which Thames Discovery Programme could not function, and the archaeology of the Thames would be much poorer.

This year, there are five categories for which nominations were sought and certificates awarded.

We’re delighted to announce that the winners were:

Wood Frog: for the nerdiest Frog when it comes to surveying wooden or other organic artefacts or structures.

Melvyn Dresner


Glass Frog: for the FROG who finds the most beautiful artefacts

James Ward


Darwin’s Frog: for the FROG with the most scientific and enquiring mind

Guy Bloom


Hip Pocket FROG: for best dressed and tooled-up FROG

Martin Hatton


Burrowing Frog: for sheer hard work, enthusiasm and endeavour

Tina Larcombe


Congratulations everyone!

We’re really grateful to Jane for her help in organising the awards and her wonderful awards presentation on Saturday. And yes, all the awards are named after frog species!