Foreshore Forum Follow-Up


The 18th century bridge abutment

The Foreshore Teams for the different areas are starting to come together now after the successful sessions at the Forum at the end of last year, and it’ll be great to see the same happening for the zones at Putney and Fulham.

The speakers for the afternoon session Pamela Greenwood, Keith Whitehouse and Phil Emery are keen to support future FROG work at the sites so please do let me know if you have any ideas for projects and fieldwork. Following on from the fine examples of the other FROG teams, there are a number of different roles that some of you might like to get involved with – these are for each site: Frog Champions, Field Co-ordinators, Field Assistants, Research Co-ordinators, Research Assistants, Digital Officers, Photographers and so on…

If you can attend the LAMAS lecture on January 12th, a post lecture catch up in the pub might be a good place for a first meeting?