The Group

The Charlton Group was formed at the end of the TDP Foreshore Forum on 14th November 2009, and consists of volunteers interested in the Charlton site. There are two sections; one is looking after the overall organisation of the group and undertaking the recording and observation on the site. The other section is carrying out research related to the site and the adjacent riverside. These groups are not mutually exclusive, and, certainly, there will be some of the research group on site in the summer.

The Site

The Charlton site is about half a mile upstream from the Thames Barrier and on the foreshore immediately below the Anchor and Hope pub. The key feature is the major gridiron or barge bed, which was used to maintain boats at low water. The timbers and iron are believed to come from the nearby ship breaking yard, which broke up prestigious wooden and iron ships. More information on this and other features of the site can be found on the Frog Blogs here and here.

Future Plans

In July last year, a weeks fieldwork took place on the site at Charlton, during which the major timbers of the gridiron were exposed, together with a slipway. The measurements of the timbers were recorded, providing a detailed plan of the site. Since November, the research group has met to discuss future direction. Various members will be looking at the histriology of the area and seeing which historians have looked into Charlton, the riverside community and its industrial history. We also have the assistance of Elliott Wragg of the TDP, who will be advising us on all aspects of the archaeology of the site.

It is planned that further recording on the site will start in March, date to be announced later.


The nearest over ground station is Charlton. The exits from the station are onto Charlton Church Lane. Cross the road and go left or north until you reach a large pub on the corner with Woolwich Road. Cross the road and keep heading north along Anchor and Hope Lane until you get to the end, then turn left. You will reach the pub in a few yards and the steps to the foreshore are at the end of the building. There are also buses travelling along Woolwich Road.