Museum of London project at Altab Ali Park

The Museum of London, in collaboration with muf architecture/art, would like to invite the local community to participate in an event to turn Altab Ali Park into an open-air museum for one week during October 2010.

Community members are invited to contribute to the museum display by taking part in an archaeological dig in search of the remains of the 13th-century Chapel of the Blessed Mary of Matfelun, better known as ‘White-chapel’.


For the duration of the dig, the park will be transformed into a temporary, open-air museum. Here, members of the public will be invited to bring personal objects to site, where the presentation and interpretation of these objects will take place, alongside the park’s existing structures and monuments and the archaeological objects that will be retrieved from the excavations.

The project intends to explore the layers of history inherent in this part of Whitechapel, and study the processes by which material culture and its meanings are generated. For more information about the project aims see here.

The dig is being carried out ahead of improvement works that are taking place in the area as part of the High Street 2012 programme which will improve and celebrate one of London’s great high streets, which links central London to the Olympic Park, to create great places for local people and visitors during the 2012 Games and beyond. The project aims to create a thriving high street where there is a sense of history, diversity, community, fun and well being.

To find out more about how to get involved, visit MoLA’s website.