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English Heritage has now separated into two organisations. In advance of the official launch of the new bodies, Historic England and English Heritage on 1st April 2015, the two new websites are now live . If you are looking for information on Listing, Planning, Grants or Heritage Research and advice, please visit Historic England. If you are looking for information about membership and sites to visit, please go to English Heritage.


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Heritage Benefits

To coincide with 20 years of investment into the UK’s heritage amounting to over £6billion, the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) commissioned BritainThinks to conduct in-depth research in 12 towns and cities representative of the UK population. The aim was to better understand the public’s view of that National Lottery investment and to see to what extent it had made places better to live and work in or visit.

Key findings

- 80% think local heritage makes their area a better place to live

- 64% think heritage has improved in recent years in terms of how well it is looked after and what it has to offer

- 50% answered 7 or more out of 10 when asked to rate the impact local heritage sites have on their personal quality of life

- Strong support for heritage investment with 76% of regular Lottery players rating the HLF projects in their area a good or excellent use of Lottery funding

- Heritage plays a powerful role in bringing people together and helping to improve perceptions of quality of life

- Benefits of heritage seen as both transactional and emotional, encouraging local pride and fostering social cohesion

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Heritage Value and Impact

Infographic from Historic England (2014). For more information, please visit Heritage Counts.

Heritage Infographic: the Value and Impact of Heritage