As we can’t get out on to the foreshore at the moment, we’re sharing some of our #ForeshoreFavourites on our Facebook and Twitter accounts. We’ll do a regular FROG blog round up too, as an archive and for those of you not on social media. Here are our posts from the 2nd – 8th May 2020.

Fish Traps on the Severn

An early morning post on Saturday 2nd May, sharing a short film clip from the Black Rock Lave Net Heritage Fishery of four amazing medieval fish traps from the foreshore of the River Severn.

The Gresham Ship

More to watch with this online lecture from Gustav for Gresham College, about the discovery of an Elizabethan merchantman found in the Thames Estuary. You can also read all about it on our website here.

Treasures from the Thames


#MuseumsUnlocked visited with the Vikings this week, giving us the opportunity to share an image from the Museum of London showing 11th century spears and axes found near London Bridge 100 years ago. We also shared some wonderful finds made by mudlarkers on the foreshore, including a 14th century knuckleguard found by Jason Sandy and a beautifully preserved pilgrim badge, found by Tony Thira. John Clark’s article about medieval deposition in the river helps to provide some context for finds of weaponry and religious items in the Thames – have a look on his Academia page here.

75 Years….

The week ended with the commemoration of the end of war in Europe and #VEDay. To mark the event, we shared a short film from the Museum of London which describes the impact of Black Saturday upon the London Docklands.