As we can’t get out on to the foreshore at the moment, over the next few weeks we’re sharing some of our #ForeshoreFavourites on our Facebook and Twitter accounts. We’ll do a regular FROG blog round up to, as an archive and for those of you not on social media.

Brunel’s Last Launch

We started Foreshore Favourites with the best Time Team episode, featuring our work at Burrell’s Wharf on the Isle of Dogs and Charlton: Time Team Special 47 (2011) – Brunel’s Last Launch, available on YouTube.

The Thames at War

Read Gustav Milne’s new book Thames at War, drawing on research by Gus and our volunteers. Order it online from Pen and Sword Books and use the code THAW25 at checkout to get a 25% discount, just £14.99 per copy.

You can read more about some of our Thames at War research on the Riverpedia


Here’s a couple of articles about early-medieval fish traps on the Thames:

TDP Emeritus Nathalie Cohen: Early Anglo-Saxon Fish Traps on the River Thames , 2011

And FROG volunteer Paul Clabburn: The river and the fish: a preliminary evaluation of the archaeology of early medieval fish traps in the Thames, 2014 in London Archaeologist

We’re got lots more fish trap goodies to share over the next few weeks, so keep an eye out!

First TDP Fieldwork

We have a huge Flickr archive of all our activities, going back to 2008 and beyond! Here’s the album of our first ever fieldwork with FROG volunteers, in February 2009 at Custom House, with sunrise over Tower Bridge, we’ve always had early starts!


The TDP Logo

The TDP logo has gone through a few different versions over the years, but did you know it was based on a real mudlarking find? A Roman carnelian intaglio depicting a rowing galley, with a figurehead of a goose or swan. It was found on the Southbank in 1996 by Alan Ross. You can read more about it in the Discover Section