As we can’t get out on to the foreshore at the moment, we’re sharing some of our #ForeshoreFavourites on our Facebook and Twitter accounts. We’ll do a regular FROG blog round up too, as an archive and for those of you not on social media. Here are our posts from the 23rd – 29th May 2020.

Photos and the foreshore

For several days this week, we highlighted our photography archive, which is publicly accessible via Flickr. This presentation is from our 2018 10 year anniversary conference and looked at some of the project’s highlights, as well as a ‘round up’ of the top 10 most viewed photos in our archive, while the gallery below shows images from our FROG Photography Project in 2010.

FROG Photography Project

We also revisited the foreshore at Rotherhithe with this article from The Londonist – we particularly like their description of river-rolled bricks as ‘Thames spuds’!

The Thames at War


Three Phoenix concrete caissons, part of the Mulberry harbour, under construction in Surrey Docks 1944 © IWM H 37607

Two new articles from Gustav this week – the first about Thames ships and boats- during the Dunkirk evacuation and their subsequent histories, and the second about Rotherhithe, and the work undertaken there during the war to construct Mulberry Harbours.

Next LowTideLockdown!


For #FridayFinds this week we shared this little sherd of Delftware ceramic, found on the foreshore at Custom House during a guided walk. Our next #LowTideLockdown virtual tour on Sunday 7th June will take us to the City of London foreshore, exploring the foreshore at Custom House, Trig Lane, Cannon Street and Queenhithe.