The Iron Ark is a kind of game, an experience between play and storytelling in which the legend of the SS Great Eastern – London’s monster steam ship of 1857 – is retold. In July 2011, participants will be invited on a journey through London’s Victorian docklands. On the shore of Isle of Dogs, in the pubs and backstreets of Limehouse and in the old libraries of martime Greenwich, they will discover clues that unlock the dark secrets of this great ship.

Join us on a journey through the secret places, libraries and archives of old London to uncover the secrets of the Great Eastern. Co-conspirators are wanted to help create a game in which the myth of the Great Eastern unfolds: an experience between play and storytelling in which her legend comes to life once more.

If you are London-based, have a few hours to spare each week in May and June 2011 and would like to be involved in creating this event, there is more information about the project and details of how to get involved on the project website.

The Iron Ark is a public engagement project that has been created by Eleanor Packham, a UCL PhD student who is researching literary responses to Victorian steam ships. The project aims to explore how people from academic and other communities can work together to create knowledge. To find out more or get involved, contact Eleanor using the form on the website above. The Iron Ark has been funded by the UCL Public Engagement Unit.