Archaeology from Home


We tried out a Twitter experiment on Saturday 9th May by ‘live-tweeting’ a virtual fieldwork session at Rotherhithe. With a good predicted low tide, we ‘visited’ the foreshore from the Mayflower pub downstream to Surrey Docks, looking at how we clean and record the features on site from nautical timbers to basketry, using images from our archives. You can see more over on Twitter as we’ve saved the ‘event’ as a Moment.

We hope everyone enjoyed the experience, definitely not the same as actually being on site but hopefully a nice way to virtually experience the foreshore while we are all staying safe at home.

Lockdown Visit 2


On Sunday 7th June, we repeated our online foreshore experiment by ‘visiting’ the City foreshore from Trig Lane downstream to Custom House. This trip focused more on infrastructure, examining river stairs, causeways and bargebeds, as well as some of the artefacts found on the foreshore over the years. Again, we’ve saved it as a Moment.

Lockdown Visit 3


An evening visit this time, to coincide with the long summer light and the solstice! For this trip we ‘toured’ the foreshore at Greenwich – to examine the river stairs at Trinity Almshouses, the remains of Tudor, Stuart and Victorian period archaeology and a sneaky peek at two early medieval fishtraps. Read all about it in the archived Moment.