Recent reviews of the TDP book


We’e recently had two lovely reviews in journals of our book, ‘The river’s tale’ archaeology on the Thames foreshore in Greater London.

The Thames foreshore is archaeologically rich, and who better to tell its ‘tale’ than Nathalie Cohen and Eliott Wragg, key people in delivering the ‘The Thames Discovery Project’ (TDP), which is aimed at better understanding ‘London’s longest archaeological site’. It is a fitting tribute that this book starts with an acknowledgement of all those members of the TDP’s Foreshore Recording and Observation Groups (FROGs) who helped make this project such a success….

This nicely illustrated book is packed with information, and although aimed at the general reader, it is certain to appeal to all those interested in the history of London and the archaeology of riverine sites.

Michael Lewis (Portable Antiquities Scheme, The British Museum)
Medieval Archaeology, Volume 62, 2018

‘The River’s Tale’: archaeology of the Thames foreshore in Greater London by Nathalie Cohen and Eliott Wragg explores many aspects of the famous artery running through London, with themes including fishing, ritual, infrastructure, shipbuilding and the archaeology of rivercraft. All of this is well illustrated with photographs, plans and reconstructions. Clearly written for a general audience, this book will have a broad appeal for anyone interested in foreshore, riverine/maritime and urban archaeology in particular, and also for those with a more general interest in archaeology… This book is a lovely telling of the story of the river and its people, from the prehistoric rural communities living on its banks right up to the current community of archaeologists surrounded by a modern metropolis recording the very evidence of that long relationship.

Archaeology Ireland, Spring 2018

Thank you to everyone who’s read and reviewed the book. You can buy ‘The river’s tale’ online through the MOLA website, or at any of our events.