A Visit to Vauxhall


Fay Stevens, Adjunct Professor of Archaeology and Ethics and London Archaeology writes:

Our London Archaeology fieldtrips continued with an illuminating excursion on Saturday 2nd February 2014 onto the Thames foreshore at Vauxhall. Here, we were fortunate to have the expertise of two experienced field and foreshore archaeologists, Dr Courtney Nimura and Nathalie Cohen from the Thames Discovery Programme. Through the experienced eyes of Courtney and Nathalie, we observed prehistoric features, ancient peat deposits, riverine industrial structures and a host of cultural funds, including a piece of Victorian salt glazed pottery, an exquisite sherd of hand painted 17th century Delft ceramic ware, fragments of clay pipes and a variety of ceramic pieces. We extended our discussions to consider the social and cultural context of the archaeology we were engaging with as we explored themes of trade, social mobility, cultural identity and the palimpsest of the London Landscape.”

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