One of our FROGs, Evan joined us for our event at the Creekside Centre in September, here are his highlights.

It was lovely to help out at the Creekside Centre Open Day Event in Deptford on the 25th September. The Thames Discovery Programme had a stall showing some finds from the Thames which complemented other stalls that were showing visitors the wildlife on the creek. There were also Creekside walks, which I really enjoyed. A group of volunteers took us down into Deptford Creek and explained the habitat for animals as well as some of the challenges they face from a conservation point of view. Thankfully waders were provided so we didn’t get wet!


At the stall with TDP, we had lots of visitors keen to learn more about the objects which we had on display and lots of interesting guesses about what some of the more obscure ones were! Although we had originally set up a sand pit for visitors to learn about planning techniques, we found that lots of the smaller children were more interested in digging for treasure in the sand, but I’m sure we still inspired plenty of them to become future archaeologists!


Local visitors were especially interested in the archaeology of Deptford and were intrigued when they learnt about the Roman mosaic which was found under the high street- some even tried their hand at making their own mosaic pattern with one of the activities we had set up.

I thought that the day was a helpful way to learn more about some of our finds as well as to pass some of the enthusiasm we have about the Thames and archaeology onto visitors and hopefully inspire them to get involved with us again. I’m grateful for Helen, Josh and Claire for being there on the day and helping to explain about objects which I didn’t know much about and I hope we have more similar successful events in the future!