Find out more about the TDP Key Sites


As we move into the final months of the HLF project and reflect on all the amazing archaeology that has been discovered over the last three years, it seemed like a good time to enhance the information about the key sites, which is available on the Riverpedia section of our website. You can now see slideshows from Flickr with images taken during fieldwork at all twenty key sites, and a link to the Flickr mapping is also provided so you can see where the photos were taken. For those sites where we are also lucky enough to have video footage, these are also embedded on the page.

How many have YOU visited?!

Experimental Timeline!

For the key site at Custom House, I have experimented with a bit of free software from Dipity to create a timeline to show the work of the Thames Discovery Programme and the FROG on this site. This is another way of linking the photos and video footage taken at the site with mapping and I’d be very interested to know what what people think about using this to show where and when work has taken place. Please do get in touch if you’ve got any comments or suggestions!