What stops Dubai’s super tall skyscrapers – balanced on unstable sand – from toppling over? How can San Francisco survive – sitting on the edge of a major earthquake fault? And how did the ancient Romans build a city of a million people without modern technology?

Strip The City uses stunning CGI animation to strip major cities naked of their steel, concrete, buildings, roads, rivers and bedrock – layer by layer – to explore the secret technology and infrastructure beneath six major cities: London, Rome, Dubai, Sydney, Toronto and San Francisco. This series reveals a world never seen before – an alien geological universe normally hidden under tarmac and concrete…a landscape of unprecedented wonder, turbulence and scale.

Underground City: London

Beneath the streets of London, lies a parallel universe. As its buildings soar higher, so its tunnels go deeper. London has more infrastructures built underground than any city in the world. They hold the key the city’s success. The series starts with the London episode (look out for the TDP at Tower Beach!) on 19th February 2013: Freeview channel 38, Virgin channel 179 and Sky channel 154.


The programme strips away the ground to reveal the city’s inner workings and explores the ingenious technologies that helped engineers to build one of the biggest cities on Earth. This film explores the geology that shaped the city’s past and challenges its future, from the rich clay that it sits on to the river that may one day consume it. To find out more about the programme visit Windfall Film’s website.