London Apprentice Tunnel to Port of Old Isleworth

An article in the Brentford and Chiswick Times, dated Saturday August 17th 1957, reports that the then new licensee, Mr Reginald Aldington, carried out refurbishment works to the premises. A paragraph in the article states the following:

If you ask Mr Aldington he will take you down into the cellar and show you the opening to the smugglers tunnel leading 300 yards to the Port of Old Isleworth

The present Pub Manager has informed me that he can not contrbute any further information as the tunnel entrances are bricked up for health and safety reasons!

London Apprentice Tunnel to All Saints Church


The London Apprentice public house website states that there is an old tunnel beneath the pub that links the Inn with All Saints Church, and that it is believed by many that this tunnel was used by Thames smugglers to pass contraband from the church vaults to the cellar of the pub many years ago. So is the existance of this smugglers tunnel true or false? Well, that’s not known at this stage! The Reverend Anna Brooker, the Priest in Charge of All Saint’s Church Isleworth, advises that there has been no evidence of tunnels or other subterranean passageways found since the new church was built.

Future Investigations and updates

This information will be updated as and when futher information becomes available. If any local resident can contribute further it would be much appreciated. You can view more scenes of Isleworth, surrounding areas and historic London that I have taken here.