A group of FROGs under the guidance of Nathalie Cohen and Eliott Wragg recorded features on the foreshore. We worked just downstream of Putney Bridge, which included a brick ‘platform’ close to the river wall and some 50 yards from the modern bridge (its position suggesting it may possibly be the footing of the tollhouse of the original Putney bridge or of the bridge itself). We also found a possible causeway, a drain, and a mysterious and very long stone pavement again close to the river wall and stretching almost down to the railway bridge.

There was only time on the last day to clean part of this latter feature for a visual inspection. Some levelling was carried out across these features, and GPS was used to take contours of the foreshore. The group were also shown the remains of very large timbers under the road bridge, perhaps the remains of the aquaduct which straddled the river here till the 1880s.

On the last day we arrived to find a large tree lying rather alarmingly close to the brick feature. Work was interrupted by the arrival of a Port of London Authority barge complete with crane and men in hard hats and waders! They proceeded to winch the tree (a supermarket trolley caught up in its branches) down the foreshore, leaving ominous black grooves, and onto the barge, where it hung quite pathetically before being borne away.

A number of local people came along to enquire about what we were doing, easier to answer than the usual ‘Found any treasure, then?’ shouted down from above, and a lot of interest was shown.