Lecture Report


On Saturday 23rd March I gave a presentation with slides entitled The Historic Thames Foreshore at Twickenham Public Library, having been requested by the Library to do so. The talk happily was a sell-out (60 bookings) and some people trying to book had had to be turned away. Even so, on the day some people turned up without a ticket but were accommodated – it was extremely cold outside!
The talk, covering half a million years of history from c500,000BC to World War Two, and strongly featuring the work of both the Thames Archaeological Survey and the Thames Discovery Programme on the foreshore, was very well received, and afterward some of the audience crowded round a table covered in artefacts mentioned in, or pertinent to, the talk, and showed much interest and enthusiasm. Up-to-date TDP publicity material for use by FROGs in similar circumstances is required! Due to the number of people who hadn’t been able to book, I has agreed to give the talk again at one of the other library branches in the Twickenham area – more details coming soon!