Human Evolution and the Urban Paradox


The town is not our natural habitat, but now, for the first time in our history, more people live in cities than in rural communities.
Although there are major benefits in urban living, there are also major costs, judging by the seemingly ever increasing rise in ‘Western Lifestyle Diseases, such as Type 2 Diabetes, coronary-related problems, obesity and various cancers. All these conditions are rare or non-existent in non-urbanised communities maintaining an ancestral ‘hunter-gatherer’ lifestyle. So are we building the wrong type of town?

This book looks at the mismatch between our ancient physiology, metabolism and mindset, little changed since the palaeolithic, and the huge cultural, technological and economic advances we’ve created for ourselves in the modern world. It then suggests how we can develop and adopt ‘palaeolithically correct’ behaviours and evolutionary-concordant building regulations and town plans that better fit our biology.

Essential reading for anyone interested in living a healthier lifestyle in a 21st-century urban context: unleash your inner hunter-gatherer….

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