University FROG Group

There have been a number of recent developments in the creation of a University FROG group (beginning) at UCL and Birkbeck which may be of interest to some.

First, there is a tentative plan that up to 30 students, 15 UCL and 15 Birkbeck, will be allowed places within the newly forming UniFROG group.

Second, in order to get the students trained for work on the foreshore there will be several evening seminar sessions offered to provide information on 1.) health and safety, 2.) recording methodologies and 3.) provide the students an overview of key sites.

Further, along with this a half day session on practice is also being planned and when taken together will provide the student the training required to become an operative member of any FROG group.

UCL Fieldwork Requirements

For UCL students, these training sessions will count toward their fieldwork requirements (2 days) and will allow them to join the TDP summer season (June – September), during which time lots of survey and feature and site recording will be entered into and which can also be used to fulfil the UCL fieldwork requirements.

Important Dates to This Point

February 2, 2010: Visit to Chelsea by UCL and TDP principles to assess its suitability as the UniFROG adopted site.

(PDF 298 KB) Chelsea – Key Site Information

February 11, 2010: TDP visit to the UCL Field Methods (ARCL1006) to discuss the program

April 26, 2010: First TDP Training Seminar (hosted by Birkbeck)

April 30, 2010: Second TDP Training Seminar (hosted by Birkbeck)

May 1, 2010: Half day session on practice (site to be announced)

These dates are preliminary and once they become more solid, interested persons will be suitably notified.

Assistance for Other FROG Groups

There may be further opportunities for students to offer assistance to other FROG groups that have formed at the various key-sites as well.

Just For Fun

If you are new to the Thames Discovery Programme you may enjoy this film about human remains discovered at the Isle of Dogs

Episode 6: Murder on the Foreshore? from Thames Discovery on Vimeo.